There are four major continents that make up this planet (names will be decided at a later date). There's one in the North, the South, the East, and the West. There are also numerous oceans and islands. 

The North (To be named later... ) Edit

 The land in the North consists of people who are capable of living off of the land. They are a tough sort of people, hardened against hardships and brutality. There are forests where beasts live as well as where vampires and werewolves colonize. The people living in the mining towns and villages in the North don't really bother the people living in the forests, so in turn, the monsters, vampires, and werewolves don't bother them. It's only when travelers from different places arrive and attack the creatures out of fear. The North is a great source of metals and minerals that can be used to make weapons and construct buildings. The North makes a hefty profit trading their materials with the people in the South. The people in the North generally don't like the people in the South due to their love of slavery, however, they tolerate it. In fact, the North has a great relationship with the people in West due to their love and respect for nature. If the West was ever attacked, the North would come to its aid. The North is kind of indifferent towards the people in the East, they just trade with them for different materials. One of the most dangerous things about the North is the goblin colony that's located right next to the dwarf colony. The goblins and dwarves don't have a problem with the Northerners. In fact, they kind of enjoy them. The king in the South kicked the goblins and dwarves off of their land centuries ago, and both races have been biding their time amassing a giant army. The goblins and dwarves are sort of indebted to the Northerners due to the fact that they offered some of their land and provide weapons and metal for the army. The people in the North aren't huge fans of religion. They have their own thing going on where they honor the stages of the life cycle, and they believe in spirits and reincarnation. The noble family sent by the king to preside over the North has imposed a mandatory building of temples for the Southern Gods and Goddesses and has forced the Northerners to take up the religion practiced in the South. The North does so only for the fact that their lands are fertile enough to grow enough sustenance. 

The South (to be named later... ) Edit

 The land of the South is a land of greenery and luxury. Affairs of honor and rules regarding chivalry and honor are practically law there. The people in the South are a religious people. They've erected many temples and shrines of worship in the lands not occupied by sprawling estates or plantations. The king of all the lands has his kingdom in the South seeing as that's where all of the agriculture gets done. In order for the agriculture to happen, the South believes in enslaving goblins, dwarves, wood nymphs, and other creatures to toil in the fields every day for long hours. As if kicking those creatures off of their respective lands wasn't enough, the king and the nobles will be a prime target for the goblin/dwarf army amassing in the North. The South in engaged in trade with the East and the North but is afraid of the people that inhabit the land in the West. The king of all the lands makes even more enemies when he recruits the best craftsmen and tradesmen to work in his castle. He details the position as one of great honor. If these tradesmen serve the king by producing their work, he'll give them a room in his castle as well as food. The tradesmen are lured into the deal and realize once they're in it for good that they're not allowed to bring their family or create one of their own. The food portions they receive are meager and insubstantial, and the tradesmen are often given rooms in the dungeons. The king is respected in the South because the nobles there think that he's the relative of the interconnected family of the Gods and Goddesses that they worship. 

The West (to be named later... ) Edit

 The land in the West is comprised of solely forest and numerous bodies of water. This land in home to wood nymphs, elves, fairies, water nymphs, werewolves, vampires, and human mages and sorcerors. They all cherish nature and give to the land what they take out of it. The West is largely independent and survives without the South and the East. That being said, the West willingly helps and depends on the Northern people. The West is a land of magic. It runs rampant in the nature around them. The plants are wonderful for creating medicine and potions. With the exception of the North, if any other land wants something that's prominent in the West, they have to make the journey there. The Westerners have a specific way of life and disrupting the routine would be very bad for it. The West is also home to the college of magic and sorcery. The application process is highly selective. The college only chooses those that have certain personality traits, talent, and a potential to grow and do great things. It doesn't matter about the gender, age, or race of the applicant, only the things past the surface. The West is neutral about the upcoming war, however, if the North were to ever be in danger, they would step in immediately. The South imposed a noble family to preside in the land of the West and control their way of life. However, the noble family there has absolutely no power because they're threatened by the magic users. 

The East (to be named later... ) Edit

 The land in the East is comprised of merchants and craftsmen. Industry and trade are very important there. For that reason, the people in the East try their hardest to maintain good relationships and business with all of the other lands, with the exception of the West. During the time of war, the East suffers somewhat because the South forces the East to cut off their business ties with the North. The North isn't affected by the severed ties, but the people in the East suffer. In addition, since the East is comprised of mainly large cities and businesses, crime runs rampant throughout the land. There's no real law enforcement. The people that are caught are shipped off to the South to toil on the farms. For real crimes like murder though, the murderer is given the death sentence. Not only is the crime high, but there are a lot of cutthroat business tactics and giant competitions. It's a fast-moving place where change is always happening, businesses rise and fall, and the large majority of people are unaffected by these changes. Since the East has decent relations with the South, the king let the majority of the people in the East choose a successful business family and appoint them as the noble ruling body in the East. In addition to the large cities, the East also has many harbors and is very skilled with business relating to ships. 

Ocean Kingdom (to be named later... ) Edit

Under the sea, there's a kingdom and many colonies where mermaids and other sea creatures reside. They're highly indifferent to what happens on dry land, however, things change when people from the South and the East start polluting the ocean water and rivers and streams. The creatures in the sea start building an army, a fierce one. In addition, they can also lash out with tsunamis and hurricanes. The people under the sea are also well-versed in weather magic. What the South doesn't know if that the people under the sea could ruin a harvest season or many harvest seasons. The king sees the war with the mermaids and sea creatures as an opportunity to acquire more slaves. The people under the sea are allied with the Westerners and the Northerners.  

The Islands Edit

The world is host to many different islands with even more societies and cultures  

The Largest Island (to be named later... ) Edit

The largest island in the land is by far the deadliest terrain in the world. And befitting of that way of life, the largest island is home to the world's deadliest, most skilled assassins. The king sent them away to that island because he was afraid of their arts. The assassins laughed at the king's decree because he was actually doing them a favor. The island is favorable for growing deadly poisons, and the terrain is great for training to be stronger, faster, and more silent. Soldiers that specialize in the art of warfare are sent to this island as part of their training as well.  

 More island and land descriptions to come.  

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