Social Hierarchy (Created by the King) Edit

The King is a big fan of birthright and blood relation. Most of the noble people are chosen by blood rather than merit. Arranged marriages to secure social and economic status is very big here.

King - The King of all the Lands

Queen - The King's Wife

Archduke - The King's Right-Hand Man

Grand Duke - On the King's Council

Prince - The King's Firstborn Son (has less say in affairs than the other councilmen)

Duke - The Four Dukes That Rule the Lands (Oversee the continent)

Marquess - Oversees Specific Districts/Quarters (what the land is divided up into)

Count - Oversees the Biggest Towns and Villages

Viscount - Oversees the Medium-Sized Ones

Baron - Oversees the Smallest Towns and Villages

Knight - Acts as Law Enforcement, Serves All Noble Families

Esquire - Knight's Apprentice, Training to be a Knight

Gentlemen - The Men With Higher-Paying and Well-Respected Jobs (Ex: Doctor)

Peasants/Freemen - Farmers and Working Class Men

Serfs - Cannot Own Land (usually people with physical/mental disabilities because the king isn't nice in addition to criminals not committing serious crimes) Serves the Gentlemen and Freemen

Slaves - Cannot Own Land, Have No Rights, Usually Monsters, Magical Creatures, and Nasty Criminals

Northern Social Hierarchy Edit

In the North, the leading Duke family has an established roster of all of the people living their under the king's classification of their social status. However, the Duke never wanted to rule in the North due to all of the snow, so he stays inside most of the time only coming out when there's an emergency. Therefore, the people in the North made their own hierarchy that they follow when the Duke's not around.

Deus Principem - Believed to be connected to the spiritual world with the gift of clairvoyance. Their job is to do what's best for the general good and protect everyone

Summi Regis - Serves the Deus Principem, Second in Command, Manages the Court

Primo Hominem - The Chief Judge of the Court, Word is Law

Senex - Other Judges on the Court, Help Reach a Verdict

Custos - Leaders in Each District/Quarter

Magnas Hominem - Leaders in Each Village

Eques - The Knights That Serves as Law Enforcement

Armigeri - Knights' Apprentices

Freemen - The Freemen Own Land (this includes gentlemen, according to justice, one is not more powerful than the other)

  • The Northern people are big on justice. That's why the Court is so important to them. They want to do what's right and fair while listening to nature through the Deus Principem.
  • Nature and Spirituality are also big in the North

Western Social Hierarchy Edit

The Land in the West is largely independent of the Southern Kingdom and the Eastern Land as well. They have a codependent relationship with the Northern Land to an extent. Their hierarchy is more similar to the North's, however, they place a great emphasis on magic use. The better at wielding magic one is, the higher up they're placed in society.

Kyriarcho Prinkipas - The Best Magic-User is Granted This Title, Pretty Much an Emperor

Fos Vasilia - Second in Command, Second Best

Therapeftis Archontas - The Greatest Healer

Sofos Symvoulos - The Wisest Adviser

Kollegio - Professor at the College

Alchimistis - Granted to Certified Alchemists

Mageia Archontas - Granted to Certified Mages

Fylakes - Law Enforcement Title

Freemen - Landowners of Any Socioeconomic Status

  • The Certified Alchemists and Certified Mages are on the same level power-wise
  • Magic is obviously huge here
  • Wealth doesn't mean anything here, the West is all about community and spirituality

Eastern Social Hierarchy Edit

The people in the Eastern region follow the hierarchy of the Southern continent by law. However, because the East is really big on industry and trade, the social hierarchy really only comes down to wealth, success, and charisma.

Duke - Most Successful Businessmen

Marquess - Best Team Management Skills (Four Marquesses in the East)

Count - Oversees the Biggest City (The one with the largest harbor)

Viscount - Oversees Medium-Sized Market and Merchant Towns

Baron - Oversees Smallest Villages (Looks for apprentices)

Gentlemen - Doctors, Business Owners (large, successful), Most-Skilled Tradesmen, Slave Traders

Freemen - Regular Merchants and Tradesmen, Apprentices, Small Business Owners

Serfs - Same as in the Southern Continent

Slaves - Same as in the Southern Continent

  • Slave Trade is crucial to the economy
  • Cutthroat business tactics are practiced
  • No real law enforcement - the knights are busy in the South with most of the nobles
  • Largest crime rate of any continent
  • Worst criminals are shipped to the South (along with the slaves) to do laborious farm work

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